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    There are various forms and levels of sedation ranging from Nitrous Oxide (which has a calming effect) to General Anesthesia (which induces complete unconsciousness). Oral sedation is a form of conscious sedation (meaning the patient is awake) utilizing oral medication to induce a relaxed, sedated, and somewhat drowsy state. The oral medication used for Conscious Sedation in the field of Dentistry comes from a group of drugs known as benzodiazepines. Apart from the hypnotic and sedative effects of this drug, it produces a lesser degree of amnesia for most people. Patients may remember little or nothing about their dental appointment. For adults Halcion (triazolam) is the drug of choice as it acts quickly, provides a deep level of relaxation, and the effects generally last for 1.5-2 hours. Triazolam is a drug with a long track record that has a variety of uses (most frequently prescribed for insomnia).

    Compared to General Anesthesia where you are in complete unconsciousness, unable to respond, and generally without normal protective reflexes. Conscious sedation (or Oral Sedation) enables you to respond to commands and breathe on your own.

    Even though Triazolam is very safe, it can interact with other medications. Halcion should not be mixed with certain other drugs such as other sedatives or alcohol. Additionally, do not take this drug with erythromycin based antibiotics or grapefruit juice (or products that contain grapefruit). If you have any questions about current prescriptions you may be taking and how they may react with Halcion (triazolam), please ask… It may be necessary to consult with your pharmacist or medical doctor. You should not take Halcion if you have liver or kidney disease, if you are pregnant or breast feeding, or if you have an allergy or are hypersensitive to benzodiazepines. Please check with your opthamologist before taking Halcion if you have glaucoma. The doctor also needs to know if you have sleep apnea, lung disease, or myasthenia gravis.

    On the Day of surgery:

    You must have a ride to and from your appointment from a trusted friend or family member. Please arrive at our office one hour prior to your appointment. Upon arrival your blood pressure and vitals will be checked and you will take one pill (0.25mg). If you aren't feeling relaxed enough before your appointment, a second dose may be given. It is important that you understand the treatment you are to receive, alternative options, and all related fees prior to sedation. We must have your informed consent before we can treat you; and we require you to sign a treatment plan and consent form... For obvious reasons, any questions you may have must be addressed when you are NOT sedated and before your appointment.

    If your appointment is short, you may need to stay at our office for monitoring until the medical criteria has been met for us to release you. The doctor will evaluate your medical status and ensure you are awake, alert, stable, and that the after effects of the sedation are minimal and subsiding… Please plan to be at the office for 2.5-3 hours and be prepared to stay longer if required.

    When you are finished and get home, expect to feel tired and possibly take a nap. The effects of the sedative will take 10 hours to be fully out of your system. You will not be able to legally drive during this time. During this period it is best to have someone with you to provide back-up child care and other assistance as needed. After hours, Dr. Rinta can be reached directly at (480) 209-8744. If you feel you are having a medical emergency, please call 911.

    Additional information:

    • Do NOT eat a large/heavy meal for several hours prior to surgery. Although you should remain awake and responsive, we plan for the possibility that you may become more sedated than desired. A deeply sedated or unconscious patient is not able to respond normally to potential hazards such as vomiting. Fasting decreases the risk of vomiting and aspirating stomach contents into the lungs and makes the onset of the drug more predictable. If you are diabetic or must eat, please chose a light non-fatty meal and consume it at least two hours prior (for example, apple juice and a piece of toast).
    • Please report any changes to your health or medications prior to your arrival.
    • Please dress in non-constrictive, comfortable clothing.
    • Please carefully read, review, and sign the Oral Sedation consent form prior to your arrival and have any additional questions ready.

    Please call us at any time if you have questions at (360) 928-6050

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